Chief Black Thunder
^ THUNDER @ 10 months !!!!
Chief Black Thunders' Health testing :
* Eyes: certified C.E.R.F , clear
Vwd : Free
Thyroid function: OFA certified, NORMAL
Cardio : pending
Hips :  OFA certified EXCELLENT  
<<  AT ONE YEAR OLD sitting next to LANCE who is 6 foot 3 !! notice the difference between his picture
above ??
Thunder is WORKING & Training for  
protection, in these pictures .Despite his
aggression & high drives while working . He
is very stable and discretionary around
family and CHILDREN. Thunder is
aggressive toward other animals ! ( and this
includes other males dogs as well )>>>>>>
Thunder meets the " Bad guy " Jon
Nardoitsky of Fala woods K-9. Thunder
is 11 months old in this pic
Thunder meets the " Bad guy "Todd
Bartelstein of Morgans dogs. Thunder is
11 months old in this pic
International Champion Chief Black Thunder
SAVE A Horse ride a DOBERMAN !!!
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Thunders height is 28" inches at the withers .His prey drive is moderate, with  low/middle Sharpness .He is notably
civil with  excellent defensive & fight drive,  and extreme, assured confidence.  
Thunder was born to protect , He Has a bone chilling, DEEP Bark & Bite to match !
He is currently in Protection training with Highly esteemed  Jon Nardoitsky of Fala woods K-9 . Also Thunder has
Been evaluated , and worked by, Todd Bartelstein of Morgans Dogs . We ,as well as them are very impressed with
his ability .He is gentle by nature ,and is a trusted member of our Family .

*He is available for stud to approved, health tested bitches*